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● The screw of extruder is designed to be anti-wear structure for the characteristics of raw materials.

● Corrugator adopt shuttle-type structure, rectangular working trail,mould block run stable and less mould block number run, easy and convenient to change and regulating forming mould and the long forming stroke makes effective for forming of pipeThe sliding parts of the workbench are all made of high-strength alloy steel, good wearing resistance,  working table surface is strenghthened by ion nitriding treatment in order to extend its working life.

● Broad screen LCD(liquid crystal display) human-computer interface system, CAN data bus technology can achieve full production process supervision and management。

● Forming Mould is made of high quality aluminum alloy which possess good heat dispersion and hot corrosion resistance, adopt advanced CNC processing technic to control precision strictly.

● Online UPS continuous power supply ensures working platform return automatically and apart forming moulds from cooling mandrel when power off or other fault.

● Forming mould adopt water cooling to achieve the fast and better cooling, the long forming stroke makes effective forming of pipe. 

● The die head is designed with double-spiral co-extrusion structure to feed material, double layer socket mould block caused pipe socket parts stick more easily and formed more simply so as to provide Guarantee for efficient and high quality pipe production. The extruder head is heated inside and outside at same tim, Short heating time, independent set of each size head, saving mold change time

● Pipe profile are well designed and had the advantage of higher ring stiffness under the same weight. Beautiful appearance and superior performance

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