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HDPE /PPΦ200-Φ400/Φ500(ID)double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line


HDPE /PPΦ200-Φ400/Φ200-Φ500(ID)double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line

● The screw of extruder is designed to be anti-wear structure for the characteristics of raw materials.。

● Corrugator adopts holistic and horizontal structure, small floor area and non-base on ground.。

● Yaskawa governor ensures reliable working ability, stable and full scope of speed adjustment.

● Forming mold (air cooling and water cooling) is made of special high quality aluminum alloy, with advantages of light weight, high density, good wearing resistance, small parameter of thermal expansibility etc.

● Long forming track and less mould blocks produced by CNC processing center were to ensure a high precision and good quality.

● Double-layer design of extruder die head is double screws synchronously and extrudes material through nip-adjustable double-layer outlet.

● Pipe profile are well designed and had the advantage of higher ring stiffness under the same weight. Beautiful appearance and superior performance

● Online UPS continuous power supply ensures working platform return automatically and apart forming moulds from cooling mandrel when power off or other fault

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